Pulverised coal fly ash

For years, pulverised coal fly ash has been a very welcome product in the international construction industry.

And certainly not in only the smallest of projects: the Channel Tunnel, the Puylaurent Dam in France, the logistic centre Logport in Germany, the Picasso Tower in Madrid and the runway at Eindhoven Airport are only a few examples where a conscious decision was made to use pulverised coal fly ash.


Pulverised coal fly ash is utilised as:

  • Cement replacement: for improved workability and to decrease the carbon footprint.
  • Clinker production: as a semi-product for the production of Portland cement (CEM I) and blast furnace cement (CEM III).
  • Asphalt filler
  • Industrial ceramics


Depending on the application, pulverised coal fly ash is supplied with various quality certificates.


More information about our pulverised coal fly ash can be found under downloads.