Constructively contributing to sustainability

Vliegasunie supplies mineral raw materials, originating from power production, for various applications in construction and civil engineering, thus contributing significantly to the development of a sustainable construction chain.

Products for a sustainable society

Vliegasunie supplies the following products:


Pulverised coal fly ash is an excellent replacement for natural raw materials and also contributes to the sustainability of cement and concrete in terms of CO2 and the strength of the final product.


Bottom ash is a lightweight porous building material for use in road foundations and sports fields, and is also used as aggregate for concrete.


Flue gas desulphurisation gypsum (FGD gypsum) has become an essential in our living and working environments. Gypsum boards, gypsum blocks and gypsum floors are all made out of FGD gypsum. Even in agriculture, gypsum has found its way as soil enhancer.


We also develop outlets for alternative flows, for improved sustainability of power generation.


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